Ban the burqa: an immodest proposal

Ban the burqa, say 55 per cent of 1300 respondents in a snap Morgan SMS poll.

Ban the burqa, say a senator elected by 22,000 Tasmanians, a Liberal Party ideological fringedweller and who is the other guy anyway?

Ban the burqa, because muslim women are oppressed, and we should immediately liberate them by telling them how to dress.

Ban the burqa, because it looks weird (we can give Muslim women one of these nice Brownlow gowns to wear instead).

Ban the burqa, because the war on terror: muslims always put a burqa on before they behead you.

Ban the burqa, because although people do have a right to be bigots, you know, they don’t have the right to wear clothes you don’t like.

Ban the burqa. It would be easy to enforce, with squads of burqa prefects, like in Iran, except the opposite.

Ban the burqa, because it’s unAustralian, and nothing is more Australian than the tingly feeling you get when the government tells someone you don’t like what to do.


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