About Matt Holden



A coffee column every week (the only one in Australia) – Mug Shot for Epicure Good Food in The Age

Food reviews – Good Food Under $30 for Epicure Good Food in The Age


The Age Good Cafe Guide – the best guide to cafes and coffee in Melbourne


Books that cross borders and boundaries at Telephone Publishing


Writing and editing for digital media at the University of Melbourne

Advanced magazine publishing and editing at the University of Melbourne

Writing for print media at RMIT University


11 thoughts on “About Matt Holden

  1. Hi Matt

    It is Bea Barrett here – I’ve followed your writing since coming to Melbourne (from the UK) around two and half years ago and occasionally we’ve rubbed shoulders via Twitter et al. I’ve misplaced your email so writing via your website to say how much I enjoyed your piece in this week’s Spectator. Always love an article that combines memories – real or otherwise – with food.

    Thanks for the good read.




  2. Hi Matt, enjoy your coffee column in Short Black. I have an unusual coffee maker ‘show n tell’ for you. Ever heard of a ‘Napoletana’. My mother and I have been using it since the 1960s, and as Italian-born gals, we give it the thumbs up! It’s a combination between a Moka stovepot and a drip pot. Confused? Here’s a post I wrote about it on my blog ‘The Good the Bad & the Italian’. Let me know if you want more info. http://ambradambra.wordpress.com/2013/06/16/lurking-in-the-cupboard-5-napoletana-coffee-pot/


  3. Hi Matt,
    my wife and I have used the good café guides to explore Melbourne for the past two years. Every Sunday we pick a place from the guide at random and end up anywhere in Melbourne as a result. It’s a great way to get to places in Melbourne you’d never other wise get to enjoy, and, while I’m not a coffee drinker (sorry) Ruth most definitely is! We’ve found some great spots and now can choose a café based on the prevailing wind, sunshine, shade and temperature – eg SoJo in Winter, Ici in Summer. Anyway, to get to the point – what happened to the good café guide 2015?? Kind regards,


    • Hi Pete, thanks for getting in touch, and I’m glad to hear how much use you got out of The Good Cafe Guide. Fairfax decided not to keep producing it – more cutbacks! So I am trying to provide something similar with this website … slowly working my way throughMelbourne’s cafes, without a team of reviewers to help! See you out there, Matt


  4. Hi Matt, you’re a hard person to track down to send a message to …

    … in your piece today “http://www.smh.com.au/comment/what-was-going-through-the-mind-of-putneys-running-man-20170815-gxwlry.html” you describe the motion of the jogger as:

    “he veers towards her and shoves her in the chest”

    and then

    “he stepped ever so slightly to his right and made what looks like deliberate contact”

    Which one is it, Matt? There’s a palpable difference, at least the way I read it.

    All best


  5. G’day Matt….always enjoy your columns in The Age…particularly yesterday’s one on religion and SSM….of course there will be others who disagree…a Caroline Miley in today’s letters to the editor for one…..keep up the good work



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