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Moccamaster’s Cup-one: like a turntable for coffee

One-cup filter brewer
I took the Moccamaster Cup-one for a test drive


sourced pods

Specialty coffee in a capsule?
I took Veneziano’s new Sourced pods for a test drive



Best Brekkie for The Saturday Age
Channeling a childhood we never had with jam roly-poly and tiffin egg at Ora Cafe in Kew.


Smell the coffee … read the groundsTurkish – or is that Greek?
Sketo, metreo or glyko? A briki coffee explainer


IMG_1515Addict Food and Coffee: reviewed
How good are those corn fritters? Simply irresistible


almod milk latteAlmond milk: the coffee taste test
Soy milk just isn’t hip, and sales of almond milk outstrip soy milk in the US, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported last year. But how does almond milk taste in coffee? I put three to the test for Fairfax Good Food.


Decaf coffee: a brief explainer
Where decaf comes from, and how to make sure you’re getting a good one. Coffee minus the buzz explained

Cyclists, motorists see red
The bike-car interface, North Fitzroy-style. Read my Sunday Age reflection on a peak-hour standoff …

Sign painters: an old art revived
Hand-painted signs are making a comeback, a thing explored in a new book and documentary. I talk to the Melburnians maintaining the sign painter’s craft

Hipster weddings? Yes, really!
The DIY wedding is a thing, and Melbourne is one of the hotspots, as I show in this story for The Age


2 thoughts on “Recent stories

  1. Just read your peice about bollards, OMG, finally a logical non reactionary peice of journalism. So many of the world events are unpredictable, but the public and media demand something be done and the politicians then conduct some pointless window dressing exercise to appease them. Reading your article made me feel relieved that I’m not the crazy one, thankyou.


    • Hey thanks Warwick. I really appreciate your description of the piece as “non reactionary” – so important when an instant reaction rather than a careful response seems to be st the top of many agendas. Thanks!


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